Foamed Out.

Foamed Out.

Drug free is the way to be!

Ever had that day where its like the entire world is out to get you…today is that day for me



Men lie, Woman lie…NUMBERS DON’T!!!!

You play to win the game

Herm Edwards (via bibba)

So true…so true

The good life

The game…pizza…beer…FIFA…Homies…This is LIFE

Girls & Sex



I’ve came to realize that alot of you females are losing boyfriends for the simple fact that your sex game is WACK.A nigga dosen’t want to just lay on top of you and just fuck you for the rest of his life with the same “missionary” position. Shit gets boring after a while, and he will either play you or look for more spontaneous females.

Example: Jay! Hehe ^_^

Sometimes it’s good to be a little slutty, as long as you show that side to your man behind closed doors only, of course.Freak in the sheets, lady in the…” you know the rest.”

Be kinky. Move around. Try new things. Get WILD.
Talk dirty. Fuck that dick back like it’s yours.


Fuck that shy shit.
Turn on the lights sometimes and show that nigga that pretty pussy (if you got one) lol. It will surely turn him on and you guys will be more comfortable during sex.

Don’t be on that bullshit when he wants to hit it from the back saying “Nah it hurts from the back!” Fuck that. Pain is good sometimes. And you feel good when you know you’re pleasing your man.And girls, sometimes it hurts if you get tense. Learn how to RELAX! It’s just a penus. One of the best things to do is to ask your partner what he/she gets turned on by.
Sex is the only time when you DON’T have to think before your actions.

And remember to wrap it up!

Just a little advice from your girl.
Jay ;]

This needs to be posted in every womens bathroom in America…=)))

Owning a PC myself, after every ad I am more and more tempted to get a Mac….NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”-Malcolm X

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”-Malcolm X